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15 Minutes to Better Health

I have been applying the 15 Minute Challenge to my health in several dimensions.

Along with the major changes in my life it had started to become apparent to me that I needed to do something about my body's condition or (A) die young or (B) become an invalid. (B) sounded worse than (A) and neither sounded good.

So I took several steps and one of them was to start using my gym membership more effectively.

I know the kinds of workouts we need for maximum aerobic effect, but I also knew I had to start somewhere - and I did - 15 minutes  - a little of this, a little of that, a little of the other, and a lot of hot tub.

It is a start. Now I am up to a longer workout and feeling positive results.

Don't let starting slow or with inadequate resources stop you from starting at all.

New Grandson

Without being the tiniest bit biased, I saw the most  perfect baby I have ever met last night at Fresno Community Hospital.  He is an 8.5 pound boy named Kaibian Allan Sims and just happens to be my grandson. The proud parents are Richard and Tasha. Tasha is doing well and so is Kaybien except for an infection that is going to keep him in the hospital on antibiotics until Sunday. Pictures will follow. I mean, this kid is really perfect. You'll see what I mean.