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The Mob, the Message, and the Main Attraction


Jesus, having moved from synagogue to house in his teaching ministry, now moves toward the sea in the open air. The crowd is so large, that he must move onto the boat to be seen and heard by the people on the shore.

They are described as a mob in one meaning of the word, "crowd" in Mark 4:1-3. They are the rabble and the masses.

He begins to teach them. Mark uses a word that means to instruct so that the people will understand.

He, more than his teaching, is the main attraction. There are no bells and smells, no technology, no formality, no songs, no opening act. All those things are fine when they point to him, but he was and is the main attraction.

He begins his teaching with the admonition, "Listen."

The word means, listen well enough that you can actually put what I am saying to use.

Then, he begins to tell a story. Those who listen intently, recognize it as their own story.

Will you?

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