The Mob, the Message, and the Main Attraction
Just As I Am

From Profound to Mundane and Back Again and Round and Round on May 28

Oh that my end

Quotes from Myself and Others

Wrong tentative answers? No problem as long as we keep asking the right questions of the right source,

God grant me the humility today to be walked on as long as those who are walking are climbing closer to you and your purposes.

I want to be a stepladder today that others can climb to higher heights.

"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." -- Og Mandino

We pray today for a reawakening of righteousness, a realignment of our thinking, rebirth of passionate love of God and people, reaffirmation of truth seeking, rededication to faith, and recommitment to the One who called us to follow and swim against the tide. In His Name. Amen

I am excited this morning about going out & find some people to cheer on to greatness & grace!

You have no higher calling today than to be a cheerleader for others on God's team!

Lose jealousy! Cheer for the success of someone else today. Sense how you soar as you watch another fly above you!

In lifting others above our heads, we lose no ground. When competition is no issue, we grow & rejoice & rejoice in their progress.

Today, we can either lift someone above our heads or yank them down to our level. To encourage or discourage. Our choice!

I join E. Stanley Jones (from "The Divine Yes") in his sentiment & prayer today. May I BE a sermon of God's love and grace.

"Perhaps I can write this book by faith. If it is now hard for me to preach a sermon; why not be one?" - E. Stanley Jones

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