We Win
For the Good of All

You Are the Laboratory for Your Greatest Ideas

Demonstration labs

We are demonstration laboratories for the truth that we embrace, internalize, and profess. 

What we add is conviction, attitude, and action. 

These gather under the broad yet specific category of faith. 

They, in turn, by the grace and power of God, contribute the twin evidences of credibility and authenticity through the thin filter of transparency. 

Our struggles are the testing grounds where the quality of our truth is either refined or shown to be faulty. 

One of life's goal, at this stage, and every stage is to authenticate and verify, as credible, the core Truth of my life that I have chosen to follow. 

I am weak, but God is able.

God wait for my resolve to do and to be what I believe in doing and being.

The world is waiting to see it so that it can be evaluated.

Does what we teach work?

Our lives are the laboratories for our declarations of truth.

Do we possess what we profess?

Can it translate to the real world?

These are questions that can become a template for our witness, our marketing, our sales, and our pitch decks. Whatever we promote requires a proof of concept. Whatever we pitch needs a demonstration.

Our lives and lifestyles are first in a long line of proofs of concept and life-demonstrations.

If I were coaching or mentoring around this concept, as simple as it is, I might ask some probing questions.

  1. Can you give me an elevator presentation of your mission in life?
  2. 2. Can you give me such a presentation for this project?
  3. What have you invested in it materially, or in terms of your reputation, time, energy, resources, or influence?
  4. If what you value and are asking me to value does not come into fulfillment in your life or in your community, what will be the emotional cost in your life?
  5. How do you feel when others see your passion and the reason for it?
  6. How do you feel as you imagine others buying into your vision?
  7. What are you willing to sacrifice to see your vision realized?

Contribute questions of your own to this list.

If you are coaching another person, use them. If not, use them on yourself. Coach yourself with them.