Let Us All Take Greater Courage
Thoughts on the Book of Judges

Ready for Better

Better days
I sure know a lot of folks who feel this way and it is for you that I am having some prayer this morning.
I'm ready for you to have some peace of mind too.
I am ready for things to get better as well. If you'd like to have some better times or some peace of mind or some hope other either or both, just click like and I'll be praying for you.
Father, my friends have had a long time with no peace of mind, such turmoil, sleeplessness, worry, sorrow, pain, agony, perhaps insidious habits they cannot shake, attitudes they cannot escape, bitterness they cannot release, grief they cannot bear, hardship they cannot endure, and loss they cannot explain.
Whatever the pain, speak remedy to their souls.
Speak peace, comfort, and stillness to their hearts.
If there is something they must release, hold their hands gently to let them know it is OK to do so.
If it is something beyond their control, inform them of their options and grant them your strength.
If there is something they must learn, help them to see a glimpse of truth and hope.
If there is something they must gain, may they gain it in good time with patient endurance.
But if there is something you can and will change and it is time for things to get better, please intervene and lead them out of the darkness.
For those who must remain and struggle a little longer, grant even deeper, greater peace, grace, joy, and even laughter in the midst.
Lighten the darkness by Your presence and transform the place of struggle into a place of meeting You that it might become a precious place.
You know the needs of my friends and You have designed a particular blessing for each one.
Grant it, I pray, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
"Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age." - Jesus