Something Is Ahead of Us and We Are Pressing On
Ready for Better

Let Us All Take Greater Courage

In honor of Alexei Navalny 



Photo by Mitya Aleshkovskiy This file was derived from: Alexey Navalny 2 (cropped).jpg


Guest Post on Super Heroes



It is the very struggle that moves us forward.

Sometimes the hero needs a hero to give him courage to take his last stand. It is about the Quest!

"You must fight and it doesn't matter whether you win or lose... Don't you remember? ... You must remember!"

It is the quest.

You are Dulcinea and you have a Don Quixote in your corner.

You are Don Quixote and you have a Dulcinea to encourage and to awaken you.

You are the dreamer and the doer and each time you fall, you shall rise again.

Give it your life.

Soon others may join you in the quest, but even if they do not ... keep on!

Watch and weep and be encouraged!