Fire that Purifies
PITY - Been There, Felt That, Feel That - Psalm 22 and Mark 1:41

Better than Your Worse, Less that Your Best - - Sometimes

But Never Mind That!



You are a lot better than the worst day of your life.

That's why there are some good people in prison and some other sticky situations.

You are probably not as great as your best day either.

Stop judging yourself by either one.

In fact, stop judging yourself at all. You are not qualified.

Own your bad decisions, bad attitudes, ugly deeds, and stinking thinking and move past them.

Own your successes and share the praise with those who have helped you along the way.

Give thanks to God for the breath of life and good genes.

Live today, your best life. At the moment, it is the only day you have.

And give others a chance to do the same and start with a clean slate if they need to.

Live graciously!