Nothing Is Impossible
Reconstructing Faith from the Ground Up

Seeking to Love

"Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek ... to be loved as to love."

Seeking to love

It seems easy, God,
Until I try.
Maybe I am not aware of how much I seek to be loved.
Maybe I am not aware of how insecure I can be and vulnerable ...
And needy:
To be regarded, respected, and renowned ...
To be chosen and cherished ...
To be welcomed and warmed ...
To be a friend ...
But, Aha! Lord ...
There is my choice: to BE a friend is to be and to act and to serve
If I seek it, I will be it.
If I seek to love, I will love.
Grant that I will reject reciprocity in this matter and think nothing of ...
Quid Pro Quo ...
Teach me to love by loving through me.
Teach me to love by knowing again and again and again, how deep,
How wide,
How long,
How long-suffering,
How patient is Your love for me and that ...
It is all I need.
So, filled with love, I can give love.
In the Name of the Lord of Love,