By Faith ... Leaning

Endurance - Moses Style

Moses you da man

The secret of endurance as discovered by Moses ...

"he endured as seeing Him who is invisible." (Hebrews 11:27b, NKJV)

Seeing the invisible God. It really goes to the heart of faith for people of faith.

We deal in that realm that an outsider might legitimately view as subjective ... and yet we see.

All people of vision, whether people of faith or not, see things that others do not see. Some see the future. Some see possibilities. Some see realities too small or far away for the naked eye to surround.

If it can be captured and perceived through the optical nerves, it may not be faith and it may not be enough to produce endurance.

If it requires a leap into the uncharted unknown, one has lengthened the distance of vision and shortened the gap between what is and what can be through the Eyes of the One Who Is.