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Senator Feinstein's Passing

Dianne_Feinstein _official_Senate_photo_2

There is a downside to stubbornness, and it is noted in a Los Angele Times editorial this morning on Senator Dianne Feinstein by Mark Z. Barabak.

Of course, there comes a time to let go, but that sometimes takes the strength of youth and a perspective from outside of ourselves

But, Barabak also notes this:

"There was another, more admirable side to that stubbornness and refusal to quit: A ramrod determination and unsinking resilience that girded Feinstein through a lifetime filled with maelstrom."

"A nightmarishly abusive childhood. Widowhood at a relatively young age. A recall effort. An attempted assassination. Failed tries at office and a political career headed to an unremarkable end until, in a blink, it wasn't."

"Feinstein had planned on quitting politics on the November 1978 day that San Francisco Mayor George Moscone was shot and killed along with Harvey Milk, her colleague on the board of supervisors. As board president, Feinstein assumed the job she had twice failed to capture on her own."

I spell that quality three ways: "courage," "duty," and "service."

I had dinner with her and her husband one night in the nineties as I gave the invocation at a political banquet. She was charming, intellectual, affirming, a great listener, sincere, and appreciative of my prayer in which I inserted some gospel.

From the day she stood to bring her city from a profound crisis, I have been an admirer.

I did hope she would quit sooner and enjoy her final days in peace, but not all things are for me to decide. I will remember listening in on her conversation with other leaders around a table in San Jose in 19-something-or-another ... and will do so with a smile.