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No Fainting

Deeper Empathy

Deeper empathy

You can live through the same times and circumstances and come through with entirely different stories.

Not everyone experiences the past the same way.

One person's celebration is another person's misery.

The myopic soul will dismiss that insight or just pass over. Followers of the Way cannot, in good conscience do so.

The Way of Jesus calls us to deeper empathy with the pain of others.

Still, we can choose our perspective.

Empty handed, I come,
Cold hearted,
Weak willed Godward,
Stubborn selfward
Humbled by life
Broken against the rocks
Beaten by the waves
All my baragaining chips fell out in the fall
All my good excuses used before
Rubber necked, I cannot lift my head
Wobbly knees, hard to kneel
I fall
I fall down on my face
I bring nothing
Just me
Not much
Have mercy, Lord.


"Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."  - Carl Jung

Six Years Ag0. I Observed: