Believe and Be Saved
A Sunday Conversation with Friends

I Am Me. Who Are You?

Be better
Any charge against me of imperfection and a pernicious old nature of sin and self-centered yuckiness is very likely true.
I embrace grace and strive to thrive on a righteousness not my own.
Feel free to pray for me any time .
I am in the struggle with you and am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me.
Any charge against me that I am not absolutely consistent in everything I do or say is ... probably accurate !
I am often disappointed, but never really shocked at how much of the old self lingers, distracts, and tries to get attention.
If I am not shocked by my old nature, I am certainly not going to be shocked by yours. Nor will I stop loving you for it or honoring the person God made you to be.
Be you.
I will be me.
Together, we will strive to be better.