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Grave Robbers

Grave robbers

Years ago, I read this article and had some thoughts about it.

Maybe we are all grave robbers from time to time.

Digging Up the Dead
Man takes father's remains from cemetery

VERSHIRE, Vt., Aug. 4 (UPI) -- A man who said he missed his late father allegedly brought home the man's remains from a Vershire, Vt., cemetery, police said.

Dominik A. Bailey Jr., 43, was charged with felony removal of human remains, WPTZ, Pittsburgh, reported.

Police in Thetford, who patrol the tiny hamlet of Vershire, said Bailey's mother called them Friday saying she believed her son planned to remove her husband's cremated remains and take them and the headstone home with him. She said she was going to the cemetery and later called police back and told them all she found was a hole in the ground.

Court papers said Bailey phoned an aunt in Connecticut and admitted taking the remains home.

Police interviewed a man Saturday who lives near the cemetery and said a man he didn't know asked if he could borrow a wheelbarrow. The man said he saw the stranger take the wheelbarrow to the cemetery.

Bailey could face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison and a fine of not more than $10,000.

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So, he missed his dad. I wonder if he found that his dad was not as much company as he had been before,

And the hygiene issues!

Many of us miss our dads, but there comes a time to let go.

We might miss our hair, but it would be foolish to collect it off the shower floor and glue it back on to our scalps.

We miss our youth and the youthful irresponsibility we once enjoyed.

We need to stop digging up dead things and start investing in what is alive. The extreme teaches us in the mundane that we do the same sort of thing as Dominik Bailey. We just do it in more social respectable ways.

We dig up old grudges, old habits, old communication patterns, and old hurts just to feel comfortable with the familiar.

We are grave robbing.

What have you dug up lately that needs to go back in the ground?