Behold Thy Mother
Over the Jeers of the Crowd


Van gogh - wake walking

I am wake walking through a garden of dreams,
eyes open,
heart pounding,
life affirming.
I am dreaming within a dream
of dreams yet to be.
My heart is full of emptiness,
being filled and refilled.
My life is an adventure
where impossibilities unfold into realities.
I am wake walking.
Nothing is asleep within me.
Wake walking and wondering
what the next unfolding will bring.
Wake walking and willing
to awaken anew
to a deeper dream

What awakened you this morning?

What did it awaken in you?

What is it awakening though you?

“Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn.”

What awakened

In the morning
With sleep in my eyes,
The eyes of the morning,
Intermittent sniffles of a new day,
Sneezing out the old,
Breathing in the new,
Resisting punctuation.

It is too early to punctuate,

Washing the senses,
Making music in my heart,
Whispering to the wind,
Singing with the rustling leaves,

Humming with the buzzing bees.

Life is awakening.
A new day is upon us.

It is fresh.
It is good.
It is alive.
And enlivening.

Embrace the morning!

The dark awakens every night.
Unveiling even greater light.
It is peculiar. Is it not?
Hot is cold and cold is hot.

Tom Awake

I am awake.
What a delightful surprise,
A twist of events that I embrace.
I would say shocking, but that would mean a stopping.
It is a stirring.
I greet this morning with wonder and anticipation.
For those who wondered, I am well.
For those who assumed it was so, it is.
For those who gave it no thought ...
Why should you have?
To you, I smile and say, "Good morning."
It is, you know. It is a very good morning.
We do expect to wake up, after all and
We expect all around us to do so with few exceptions.
But sometimes, rare moments, we see it for the gift it is and,
More than a gift,
A calling.