What if It Were Today?
The One Who Showed Mercy

No Dis-Grace

It's No Disgrace to Fail


I wish we would be more careful in using the word, "disgraced."

I am not saying we should eliminate it entirely, but we should seldom use it.

That is because, I believe that most dictionary definitions of it are wrong. It takes some audacity to disagree with the dictionary, but I do.

Grace is not subject to merit.

It is given.

It must be received to be appropriated.

But, when it is not received, it is not withdrawn.

Grace is freely given and freely received.

Grace is more about the giver than the receiver.

It is never too late for grace.

Any life can be reclaimed and rebuilt.

It is always too early in the story to declare that a person is disgraced.

So, instead of declaring anyone disgraced, let's be more graceful and grace-bestowing in our words and deeds and never dis-grace either.