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Liberating Fear

Never Lose Heart


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

 "... we do not lose heart ..." - 5 words from II Cor 4:16::

Never lose heart.

To lose heart is to lose center and create vacuum which shall suck up something to fill itself.

We may not want that calling the shots.

Losing heart is no option. Losing heart is placing our choices in the hands of chance. Heart is what controls us - center -core - choice.

Losing heart is not an emotional "emptying;" but a void of choice, determination, and commitment. Commitment drives when all else come loose.

Our choice is to not lose heart, to maintain commitment to center, commitment to God, commitment to mission.

Calling - Hope - Obedience - Insight - Commitment - Energy.

Pro- Choice => CHOOSING not to lose heart in heartless deflating days of economic downturns. Recession is no excuse to take a recess.

Based on calling, with hope, in obedience, with insight, we commit to the energy necessary to choose => CHOICE!