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Looking Our Neighbor in the Eye

What do I see when I look a person in the eye?

Jesus saw people with their potential and their pain.

He saw through their masks. He looked beyond their labels and arbitrary categories.

His eyes were keen in meeting their eyes, for the there is no ethnicity nor affiliation in the eye. He loved them as individuals and not as represntatives of any tribe or religion.

He assumed that his good news of kingdom repentance was for them at face value.

He called, touched, healed, and delivered with profound compassion knowing that each of us needed dismantling of our systems of believing and reconstruction of our lives by his message of grace through the Spirit.

We share the commonality of our uniqueness and the uniqueness of our commonality. This was driven home to me in the streets of old Jerusalem where he met and continues to meet so many kinds of people and looks them in the eye.

Can I do less?

I am at war with no one, but I am in constant battle with those spiritual forces that dehumanize, deflate, and devalue those into whose eyes Jesus gazes ... those created in God's image with purpose. It is sin that besets me and from sin he sets me free.

Give me the eyes of Jesus, Lord, as I walk the streets of my city.