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Boycotting Boycotts and Other Confessions


I was bragging to myself about how I seldom participate in boycotts.

For one thing, I'd have to start a behavior in order to stop it.

For another thing, I think a lot of them are petty.

Some are important and bring about great change for the common good, but most of those that my fellow Christians promote are about us imposing our cultural will on everyone else in the world.

Still, if I don't drink green peppermint cola in the first place, how can i boycott it, even for a great and noble cause? I suppose I could lie.

Then I found a contradiction below in my memories.

The truth is, I did not really boycott the series, I just did not go and no one noticed. I actually just had a perfect storm of three factors:

  • I lost interest in the franchise (I really did like the Phelps character on T.V.)
  • I drastically reduced my movie-going to about once a year and I fall asleep during movies at home.
  • Action movies are especially hypnotic for me.

That is all of my confession. Take it for what it is worth.

I will not be moved by guilt, shaming, and other forms of persuasion to give up something that I think is a quality product that is produced ethically.

I refuse to stop watching Barney :)

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Guilt By Association

Tom and villain

As much as I would love to discredit many people because of their toxic views and deeds, I would rather use their words and actions in context than some snapshot out of context. Pictures don't always prove anything. I have had mine taken with disreputable folks and will again.

Sainthood by  Association

Born this day in 1916 – Keenan Wynn, American actor (d. 1986).
I mention him because I did 2 funerals for a family in the Bay Area - mother and father of a son who was a film director who was a friend of Keenan Wynn and kept telling me I reminded him of his friend.
He calls his wife over after the second service and says, "Doesn't he remind you of Keenan?"
"Sweetest man," he said.
Personally, I see know resemblance.
Maybe I look more like his dad, Ed. (second picture)
Here is a guy who did not boycott an evil regime the year they hosted the Olympics.
And here is a little extra.