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Better People

Better people


You will never find better people by moving elsewhere.

Wherever you live, you will find the sort of people you expect to find.

The most important reason is because you take the main person everywhere you go, packed in your boxes, multiplied by however many mirrors you own.

If you are looking for friendly, open, kind, generous, non-judgmental people, you will find them in every city and village you can locate on the map.

If you are looking for hateful, vindictive, manipulative, dishonest, and judgmental people, they are everywhere too.

You will most likely attract the same people as your neighbor, but you may see them differently.

The best folks you can attract to yourself are neither perfect nor horrible; they are just people with lots of problems and flaws and many, many wonderful strengths, engaging stories, a much love to give and receive.

Geography does not define character or value, but our attitudes may.

The best way to find better people is to focus less on changing location and focus more on changing how we think and relate to people.