Define "Neighbor."
Ralph Waldo Emerson and Writing

The Big Picture

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You do not just have a right to speak your mind; you have an obligation.
No one else has your point of view, namely your vantage. That is your advantage. It defines your responsibility to participate in the democratic process.
Without your point of view, we have a blind spot.
You did not come by your convictions lightly and you likely will not walk away from them lightly.
If they are misinformed, that can be fixed, but not by hiding or denying them.
This is not comfortable and it makes you vulnerable, but it is necessary. I do not enjoy disagreement at all, but it challenges me and sometimes, sharpens me. Sometimes, it even helps me change my perspective.
Do not deprive us of your perspective. We may not see things your way, but we need to be able to see though your eyes to develop a vision of the big picture.
What is in a picture