Prayer in C Major

Ready or Not


Photo by Angelo Moleele on Unsplash

We awaken in a state of unready readiness.

God of readiness,
of constancy,
and of mystery,

Invade me,
overthrow my stubborn reluctance

Disperse my stagnant sentries
who stagger the soul

And stalwartly resist that which you insist will set me free.

Mercy and grace be Your weapons of invasion,
My only defense is pretense.
Lower the flag that flies
over the castle of my heart
Declaring autonomy and replace it ...

Raise the flag of liberation and spontaneity!

Raise the flag of serendipitous joy!

Raise the flag of righteousness and peace!

Raise the flag of readiness
for I am ready to be made ready!

I am ready and I am rising from this place
to go to the next place ...

And then .......