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Please Pray?

Please pray

As I was sharing some local emergency news I entertained a thought.

Do I have to ask people to pray?

I do not think so. That is the first response of praying people to tragedy and danger in the news.

In longer term issues, the need to be informed and prepare for action is present, but the first, quickest, and easiest thing a person of faith does is pray.

Saying, "Please pray," may be the response of our heart, but it may also go without saying.

As for the great "thoughts and prayers" debate, it is irrelevant. Thoughtful prayer must always lead to thoughtful, prayerful action when one is fully engaged as a person of faith in God.

The problem is when they are divorced or when we just say we pray as a reason not to pray or act.

That being said, this was prompted by the children being swept away in the river. Concerning that horrible picture in my mind, at the moment, all I can do is pray for the rescuers and for a miracle.

And I did that before I posted.

The rest is up to you.