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How do you handle critics?

Handle critics

How do you handle critics? I have a few suggestions that may work. Sometimes I use them and often they work :)

1. Thank them for sharing their perspective.
2. Tell them you will consider it. That is all you need to or should say unless you feel it is worthy of a follow-up/clarification question.
3. Consider it - maybe just for a second - long enough to know if there is something that can help you and long enough to do what you said you would do.
4. If it has some validity, incorporate it into your thinking and decision making process. Later, if it really proves to be helpful, go to the person and thank them again.
5. If it is not helpful or does not seem valid, file it in a short term file.
6. If, after a short-term, it is still not something usable, file it in a long-term file.
7. After about 10 years, clean your files.
8. If the person brings it up again in the meantime, say, "Yes. Thank you. I remember that conversation and I gave some thought to your suggestion. By the way, how are the kids?

That is it! Their criticism is simply information about their perceptions of something you do, say, or think. If they are not directly effected by your choices (which is an entirely different discussion and post), take it as information. You do not need to report back and, in many cases you should not. Neither should you allow it to spoil your day or your potential relationship with the person.

How you respond to critics and how they effect you is 100% in your hands.