Too Broke to Pay Attention?
When Do We Start Learning?

Do You Have 15 Minutes to Grow?

15 MINUTES to a Better You!Identify 4 areas of life where you need to work.Take an hour a day in 4 - 15 minute slots. Devote one of those slots to each of those areas.It could be reading, exercise, family time, or anything not getting done - things most likely that need more than 15 minutes but areas where that would be a good start and a major improvement.What difference could 4 minutes to 15 minutes a day make in some area of your life?This took less than 5 minutes.We still have 10 to go.ExerciseWhat are you writing in slot one? What goal will it accomplish?Why is that important to you?What action or actions will you take today on that?

We always need to grow. To grow professionally, we must always be growing personally. As writers, speakers, and communicators, our material and our insights depend upon our commitment to grow. The same is true in spiritual work, community deveklopment, and business leadership. This is not a fast-action formula. This is more of a self coaching tool useful for writers, artists, speakers, coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone committed to improving themselves for themselves and for the world. If you have 15 minutes and can multiply that 4 times, you can make some amazing leaps and bounds in your personal and professional growth. #coaching #growth #leaders #entrepreneurs #writers #speakers #sales #workshops #habits #leadership #personaldevelopment #mentors #selfempowerment #goals #goalsetting #spiritualgrowth