Faithful Under Siege

A Compelling Figure for Those on a Journey of Deconstruction

"I am very glad that neither Jesus, the Gospel, nor the Kingdom of God are dependent upon Christianity or any other labeled system or institution for their credibility. They stand on their own authority and credibility. The rest of us would do well to get in line behind Jesus."


Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

What did I mean by this statement  four years ago? What prompted it? How is one different from the other?

If you add, "ian" to "Christ" or "ity" to that, does it change the meaning essentially or by perception?

Do these words matter?

How do our lives and actions change definition or perception?

I know this:

I would follow Jesus with or without a clear definition or theological propositions'.

I would desire the Kingdom of God and embrace the gospel even if the messengers were flawed.

They are that compelling.

Some of you are on a deconstruction journey, and that  is quite alright and may be necessary for you.

Like the Winchester Mystery House, there  may be stairs in your house that lead nowhere.

I just want you to know that there is a Jesus who is neither Christian nor partisan. His words and, call are still compelling. You can follow him no matter what you call yourself, with or without institutional endorsement.

Keep an open mind and I invite you to walk with me for a conversation and shared moment any time as I follow him any time.