"Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths." - Psalm 25:4
I cannot see far into the distance, God.
Twists and turns lie before me.
I know there is a path. I can see its beginning.
I cannot see where it goes beyond tomorrow.
Yet …
I run, I leap, I fall, I plunge into the mystery.
I do not need to know it all.
Certainty with redundancy has lost its radiance.
It retains no power to attract my heart.
Mystery envelops divinity and
Divinity envelops mystery.
Into that cloud
I must go without hesitation
In trepidation.
I shall be at home there, drawn to Thee,
By Thee.
I cannot tell you what I shall find.
Nor can I describe what I see there.
I cannot tell you how or why I know except that
In Thy embrace, I am known.
And the love that has taken hold of me has held me tightly
In the grip of mercy.
And being there, and going there, and sensing that destiny,
I can somehow remain here,
And be here, living on purpose.
In community of fellow travelers, I celebrate the joy
Of another world …
A world that makes sense of this world.
I believe it, God.
I believe in Thee even when Thou art silent.
And I rest in that peace that passes understanding.
So, I take the first step in this path
That Thou hast set before me.
Step One – That is all that Thou hast asked of me.
In Jesus’ Name,