Typhoid Mary
Palms of Rejoicing

When We've Been at It for So Long

We Have Worked All Night

"Simon answered, "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets." - Luke 5:5, NIV

Been there!

I've done my best. I am sure I've exhausted all the possibilities, expended all the energy, and exercised all the faithfulness possible with no results.

It is as if reciprocity has evaded us and the laws of nature have been suspended to deny us just recompense for our efforts.

It is the dark side of light, the defining moment of discouragement. We have worked all night for nothing and we are ready to quit. We could not muster another moment except ... and then ... and until ...

...comes Jesus ...

Infuriating and inspiring Jesus comes and bids us cast our nets one more time.

One more time!

We would not do it for anyone else, even ourselves. We don't want to try again. We don't even really believe ...

But your word!

At your word, if you say so, we will.

And that is all it takes!'

We let down the nets one more time and this time, only this time, they are filled.

What will we do today, with feeble hands, faltering faith, and failing history, simply and wearily at the word of the Master? Even if we have no hope of success, we will drop our nets and let Him fill them as He will.