Anne Hutchinson and Religious Freedom
I Still Meme It!

Retirement from What?

Balance plus


We are here today, standing on a rolling ball, trying to maintain our balance yet balanced by an unseen hand.

We are suspended between the ground beneath and the sky above and somehow unimpressed.

We are ever bumping into one another and looking the other way with muttered apologies for living.

We see through and around and over and under with the illusion of our own invisibility.

We are witnesses to what we are and what we know and who we know and choose to live in anonymity.

And we live on, day after day, moment after moment in the drudgery of routine and the ritual of sameness moving steadily toward some undefined goal we call "retirement."

Retirement from what?

Indeed we are tired, but not from engagement, not from work. Work never wearied a soul engaged in purposeful pursuit. Work invigorates, regenerates, and illuminates our lives for what they are and are to be.

We are called, chosen, and unfrozen to be instruments of peace, God's peace, to sow seeds of love, kindness, joy, and healing.

And if we ever get caught up with that, we can talk about retirement.

So get up, get connected, feed your face, wash your teeth, and move out.