Retirement from What?
Beyond Futility

I Still Meme It!

There may or may not be a common theme in these.  If you see one, great. if not, take them as they come.
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No Worries!
At some point, we join Alfred E. Newman in declaring, "What? Me worry?" We do it for different reasons but by following the same logic trail, ours on the premises of truth. The answer is that nothing can be done to us by man that can destroy us."
" The LORD is on my side; I will not fear.
What can man do to me?
The LORD is on my side as my helper;
I shall look in triumph on those who hate me."
-Psalm 118:6-7 ESV
A pastoral theologian must sometimes be prophetic.
A prophet must sometimes be pastoral.
A disciple must always follow and invite, "Will you come along with me?"
Pastoral or prophetic strength goes to personality and gifting.
Discipleship is more about our common calling.
It's not very difficult to avoid passing any profound judgment on you when I understand my total lack of qualification to do so or even to judge myself with finality. Ask my opinion or interpretation or scripture? You can have it. Ask for infallibility and you are out of luck.e me,
Be patient.
No one has read the last chapter of it all.
Last chapter
But God always has the last word.

Last chapter
Attitudes can be chosen, managed, and cashed in for great profit.

Last chapter
Now it has been five years, but it is still funny!

Last chapter
An urge is not equivalent to urgency and urgency is not the same as priority. Sometimes, they overlap. Often, they doo not. That is why decisions are  in the hands and minds of people who make them,

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How much wasted time, energy, goodwill, and friendship is wasted on arguing moot points? How much more do we lose when we enter into verbal combat without building premises on common ground? Volume does not correlate with capacity to convince. Some arguments are never won in a meaningful way. Some are won, but to no effect because the score is simply on paper and not in the heart.

I stink

I write, therefore I think.

I think, therefore I write.

I get it out, look at it, and evaluate if it rings true.

I stink, therefore, I am.

If it smells like me, it might be me.


I wrote all of these in the past so that I could use them again here and now.