The Last Day of February
Audacious Joy

Celebrating the March of Time, 3-1 Through the Centuries

A psalm of life

Life is real.

Life is earnest

And the grave is not the goal.

Deference 2

As noted yesterday, we missed February 29 this year. I have been off since February 28 and now it is March 1. How time marches on. I wrote some things of March 1 in past years. In addition to that, certain events transpired. 

I am on a bit of a run reviewing things I have written, observed, thought, or otherwise noted.

I might as well continue.

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Born this day in 1921 – Richard Wilbur, American poet, translator, and essayist (d. 2017).

"What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you."

"Your hands hold roses always in a way that says
They are not only yours; the beautiful changes
In such kind ways,
Wishing ever to sunder
Things and things' selves for a second finding, to lose
For a moment all that it touches back to wonder."

"When a poet is being a poet — that is, when he is writing or thinking about writing — he cannot be concerned with anything but the making of a poem. If the poem is to turn out well, the poet cannot have thought of whether it will be saleable, or of what its effect on the world should be; he cannot think of whether it will bring him honor, or advance a cause, or comfort someone in sorrow. All such considerations, whether silly or generous, would be merely intrusive; for, psychologically speaking, the end of writing is the poem itself."

"Wisely watch for the sight
Of the supernova burgeoning over the barn,
Lampshine blurred in the steam of beasts, the spirit's right
Oasis, light incarnate."

"The soul descends once more in bitter love
To accept the waking body."

"There is no good art which is not consciously oblique. If you respect the reality of the world, you know that you can approach that reality only by indirect means."


Sometimes you just have to travel light and walk on tiptoe ...

... like a cat ...

... or a lamb ...

"Go on your way. See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves. Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and greet no one on the road." - Luke 10:3-4

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