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What Happened at the Bridge?

Milvian bridge

Concerning Constantine ...

We continue to mull over the matter and debate the implications: What really happened at the Milvian Bridge?

What moved this Constantine who moved the world.

He did not, as some believe, make Christianity the official religion of the empire. But he legalized it and other religions, making him somewhat of a pioneer in religious liberty.

On the other hand, he introduced an involvement of state in to church affairs and church government into civic affairs that would later be badly abused.

Do not forget, that he convened the first Nicaean Council for the purpose of church unity around the divisive issue of the Trinity and that the matter was then, settled for most of the church and they adopted the Nicaean Creed which is still the cornerstone statement of Christian theology.

His mother built great churches.

He was born this day in 272 – Constantine the Great, Roman emperor (d. 337).

His mother preceded him in declaring herself a Christian and, for all accounts, was quite sincere.

Some say that the church fell asleep in his arms.

At The Milvian Bridge, something happened, but did Christ intend his cross to be a sign of conquest?

Many of us would cringe at the notion.

More pertinent, today, as you cross your bridges, what is happening?