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Recycled Thoughts

Leftover words
On days that I do not write or speak something profound, memorable, world-changing, or "brilliant," I feel frustrated and wasteful .... How silly of me, after all these years. I should know better ... on oh so many levels and assumptions.

I look back at what others have said and find that it may be enough.

Even that which I have already said may contain something I need to hear and heed.

Sometimes, you wonder. Well, I wonder every day. And it's amazing what unfolds - wondrous things.

Quotes are like leftovers. They may gain flavor and depth over night.

Do not discard them. Take them out. Sniff them. Reheat them. Feast upon them.

"Whenever we build walls to separate ourselves from those in need, Jesus chooses the side of the wall where the need is." - Carlos A. Rodriguez

"When your major is truth but your minor is love... you'll keep sounding out of tune." - Carlos A. Rodriguez

"One man's life is a boring thing. I lived many lives. I'm never bored." - Stanley Clifford Weyman, notorious American impostor and fraud.

Retweeted Church Guy (@MrChurchGuy): It's possible that people may be offended by your faith.  It's also possible that you might just be a jerk.
Retweeted Carlos A. Rodriguez (@HappySonship):  Praying, "Your Kingdom come" automatically means, "My kingdom goes."
Retweeted Jonathan Martin (@theboyonthebike): Taking up our own cross is the only thing that can save us from crucifying others.
" In your steadfast love give me life,
that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth." 
(Psalm 119:88 ESV)