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I Love You! Be Blessed

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
I Love you!
To my Republican friends: I love you.
To my Democratic friends: I love you.
To my Libertarian friends: I love you (and I want you to know that it is of my own free will)
To my atheist friends: I love you (and yes, I do think you have a moral center and some valuable ideas - many)
To my Christian friends: I love you, but some of you need to act a little more like Jesus. And some of you are so much like Him that you put me to shame. But you really are family and I need to act a lot more like Him too - and because we are family, we can talk tough love with each other.
To my Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, New Age, and everything else friends - I love you.
And some of you teach me a few things about how to be a better Jesus-follower.
I love my friends here and in 3-D.
It really does not matter whether or not we agree on anything. If we can make this kind of "meeting" of differing minds work here, maybe Congress could try it.
No one ever has to give up their convictions in order to love and respect and even, like people with entirely different views.
Respect for others does not mean you reject what you believe. It means you are confident enough in what you believe not to be threatened.
So, be free to share freely. I am and I will. What a wonderful opportunity we have to understand each other better and share our deepest beliefs.
Be Blessed
Times are tough.
You are tougher. Face the times.
Life is hard.
You are resilient. Keep moving forward.
The future is uncertain.
God is already there. Do not be afraid.
Hope is a rare commodity.
Hope is within the grasp of your imagination. Let it soar.
Money is scarce.
You have all you need in a seed. Plant it and watch it grow.
You are discouraged.
There is a great dream within you. Feed it, follow it, fulfill it.
You deeply desire a blessing.
Be a blessing.
You lack courage.
Encourage someone else.
You have nothing left to give.
Give what only God can supply.
You are frightened of failure.
Risk everything to be all you can be.
These are not idle words.
This is how you must live if you will live above your circumstances.
Weighing all possible outcomes of the choices you can make right now, to do nothing, risk nothing, and give nothing will insure that nothing will come back to you.
You will be a success in the art of failure by default.
However, if you risk extending yourself, you may also fail, but you will fail with the satisfaction of trying and with all the lessons you can only learn by climbing out on a limb.
But you might also succeed. Out on that limb, when circumstances cut it from under you, you may discover that you can fly.
You'll never find out without taking the big risk.