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How Do You Know? You Don't


How do you know you are doing well, helping people, making a difference, and encouraging some soul with your posts?

Let me start by thanking Howie!

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

Now, I will answer the question

You don't know if you've helped people, or how many.

This is especially true in this invisible realm of online content creation where writers craft words designed to lift, challenge, inform, or entertain people.

If two out of ten people thank, acknowledge, or communicate with you at all, you are doing twice as well as Jesus. i do not even come close to his one leper in ten returning to thank him. I do not think I hear from one in two hundred - and that is good news.

The reach is always greater than the response.

So, why do it?

First, you have something to say. It did not come easy to you. Your information or insight was hard-won. You suffered for it. It is valuable. Given the opportunity, you would share it with one person on an airplane or over the phone. Writing and blogging, podcasting or otherwise communicating online, the potential is much greater to reach many more.

You have something to say and you cannot not say it.

Second, whatever you post will live online forever and you are patient. Someday, it will reach the right person and make a difference in that person's life. They will internalize and apply the insight and share it with others.  You cannot measure the future impact.

Third, you can check your statistics and analytics and know that you are getting some exposure. on certain platforms.

Fourth, you can go out in public, bump into one of your subscribers, and hear them say or ask something that indicates an awareness of things you have been posting online. It is amazing. They never clicked "like," left a comment, or sent a note. Yet,  they read what you wrote and for the writer, that is enough thanks.

Fifth, you operate on the basis of faith and hope and that is what all creative people do. You may not be the master of viral self-marketing yet. You may never be. However, you believe in what you are creating and you believe in the power of believing and acting on belief. So, you keep at it.

That is five reasons and we all know more.

What are some I missed that drive you as a writer and content creator?

My final admonition is to stay with it. You may not get the response you hope for, but you are doing a lot of good!