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This seminar from Workshops to Go addresses the basic roles of board members in nonprofit corporations and can be used for recruiting and for training. The video and audio are available from us and we are available to train your organization or to train you to do so.

This is one part of a larger board development curriculum.

Contact Workshops to Go for more information or Tom Sims, the uploader.
[email protected]

The workshop can take 2 hours, a half day, or a full day.

It is ideal for a board, in-town, retreat and planning day.

Workshops to Go partners with  social and business entrepreneurs  and leaders who want to increase their effectiveness.

This workshop covers 20 responsibilities of nonprofit board members.

Tom Sims has been a member of boards and an executive director for over 40 years.

In addition, he has developed expertise in marketing, communications, the effective use of social media, and coaching.

He currently divides his time between coaching leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs, creating content, and volunteering as a certified business mentor with SCORE.

Tom knows that serving on a nonprofit board is an honor and is a personally fulfilling endeavor. It is also a great responsibility to the community and to the organization.

The board is the legal entity that is responsible for oversight and seeing that the organization maintains integrity and stays on course.

Many organizations find that board management is a weakness and this is unfortunate. Most boards are made up of qualified and committed members of the community.

However, most boards have not been adequately trained for their roles and do not have the tools to do their jobs as well as they can.

Tom believes that there is always room for improvement and growth and has advocated ongoing training for all boards as well as for new members. His curriculum addresses that need.

He is available to consult with CEOs and Board Chairs over Zoom.

Contact him for a free initial consultation.

One package involves an initial training event, followed by monthly courses and ongoing coaching for leaders. Materials come with that package.

Training can be synchronous, asynchronous, or live and in person.

Other combinations are  negotiable.

Workshops include:

      • Creating a Binder
      • Bylaws
      • Giving or Getting
      • Job Descriptions
      • Minutes
      • Policies
      • Recruitment
      • Relationship with the CEO
      • Rotation
      • Skin in the Game
      • Succession Planning
      • Training Systems
      • The Board's Role in Fund Raising
      • Ambassadorship
      • Advocacy as a Board Member
      • Networking  for Nonprofits
      • Marketing for Nonprofits
      • Planning an Effective Meeting
      • Communicating as a Board
      • Conflict Management and Resolution
      • Getting Your Phone Calls Answered
      • Finding an Effective CEO
      • Training from Within the Organization
      • Balance in the Balance
      • H.R. for Boards
      • The Basics of Nonprofit Law
      • Government Contracts 101
      • Foundations 101
      • Where to Cry for Help
      • Workshops on Demand
      •              Accountability Systems

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