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No Recess in Recession


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

In "CEOs forecast a 'shallow' recession,"  Jake Perez, Editor at LinkedIn News  observes this: 

When we have a recession, thick or thin, there are always those who retreat into excuse mode, plan a vacation, and shorten the term to one we used in grade school, "recess."

But, of all the "re" prefixes, upon which our thoughts might gather, recess is the least helpful or appropriate.

Reassess is a possibility.

Readdress some things that we might have neglected.

Reaffirm some of our core values and reinterpret them for our times.

Reappraise our context, demographics, and markets.

Re-envision and revision our mission and reform our approach.

Strategize our business plan.

Reevaluate our pricing structure and our product/service lines.

Recommit to our core mission and purpose.

Revise our goals, expectations, and systems.

Regroup with our teams.

Renew our personal energy and resources. Recharge our batteries.

Return to the work with fresh resolve to drive our businesses and initiative through the clouds and to the next level.

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Another Thought or Two

Now Is the Time! Recession Is No Excuse for Recess!

Contrary to the human tendency toward flight in times of danger, these are days for entrepreneurs to venture forth into the unknown and strut their creative stuff. The time is right for new ideas, for niche thinking, and for bold initiatives by men and women who will not be ruled by fear or passing circumstance.

The very limitations, restrictions, and scarcity of our times that cause some to retreat will prompt others to think more creatively and move aggressively into the arena of invention and innovation.

In the midst of recession when the tides of prosperity appear to be receding, there sounds no recess bell. Class is still in session. The need for vision and visionaries is profound. Life goes on. There is a sea change of thinking, a correction in our collective greed for consumption, and a reevaluation of our definitions of success. But people still require basic services and great ideas still have landing places among receptive minds.

We cannot retreat from entrepreneurship, Rather, we must embrace it at a new level. Our communities need out-of-the-box thinkers and risk takers. Our nation and world need people who are willing to move forward to build great business, social, and spiritual initiatives on a shoestring.

Recession is no excuse for recess.