Jesus and the Man with the Withered Hand
The Shepherd's Care

Listen to Your Desires

Torn hope

When your heart belongs to God and is, essentially set on the purposes of God, a new shaping begins to take place.
None of this is perfected in time and space, but, to the extent that it is dominant reality of our lives, it does effect our desires.
Our desires exist at multilevel layers. They are not all-together free of corruption, but neither are they all-together corrupt. We must listen to our emerging desires, inner stirrings, and subliminal awareness because it is often at that layer that our minds, hearts, and spirits are sorting out the scriptures and insights that God is giving us through many sources all at once.
It is those desires that we want Him to fulfill because they are His desires and they are our deepest desires. Out of those desires flow the legitimate dreams, visions, and plans for the future He purposes for us.
"May he grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans!"
Psalm 20:4 ESV
Listen to your desires and prayerfully examine your plans. Do not dismiss them, but dig deeper into them.
Examine them in the light of scripture and prayer, peeling away the layers until you discover what God is saying to you in and through them.