Grin When They Lambast You
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Kick Fanny Music

Kick butt
Mood matters, but you are not at the mercy of your mood.
You can influence it. You can choose your attitude.
Surround yourself with an arena of encouragement. Music is one way to do so.
Another is to read and listen to the right teaching. It is right when it is true. It is right when it is positive. It is right when it is encouraging. It is also right when it energizes you to do what is right,
Turn on the lights in your workspace.
Discipline your thoughts.
Now, turn on the music.
It is not an inauspicious opening line to today's psalm praising a king.
"My heart is stirring with a noble song..." - Psalm 45:1a
We've all long loved pomp, grandeur, heroics, and nobility in the arts. We get "pumped" up by certain music.
What noble themes pump you up?
I used the search criteria, "Kick Butt Music" in YouTube this morning and some of the results were disappointing.
Some were great - Rocky themes, "Go the Distance," "Rise Up" and so forth.
Post your favorite links here - Songs of Encouragement - Noble Themes."
I could go on all week.
Here is the thread on Facebook. Feel free to participate. It is open to all.
If I like your song, it will go on my "You Can Do It- Kick Butt Songs" playlist.
This thread will grow. Bookmark it and keep coming back to check.
Here is one of my favorites to kick it off!

Here is the playlist of 68 motivational, inspirational, encouraging songs.

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Kick Fanny Music

Grin When They Lambast You

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