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Grin When They Lambast You

Sometimes, we are most complimented by those who unfairly criticize, maliciously malign, or insult us. Their opposition is a good sign that we are on the right track.
If the right people hate you and misrepresent you, it is a really good sign.
If, when they represent you, they tell the truth, as if it were a dirty truth, smile. They probably do not have a clue.
The early believers were called "Christians" as an insult and term of derision and they embraced it.
They did so because their Master had told them to expect persecution and to meet it with rejoicing and gladness.
Because, he said that it put them in the same league with the prophets who had gone before.
They were in good company.
Grin. Smile. Rejoice!
G for Grey
The  skies of your haters are grey and you are a bright, colorful light.
Darkness does relish light. But keep being light in spite of the slander.
R for Right
You can't always be right, but you can be on the right track heading in the wrong direction. If you are, all the wrong-way drivers will honk at you as if you were the hazard. 
"I would rather be right than president." - Henry Clay
Whether he was right or wrong is for another discussion, but he was not president.
I for Inspire
Be energized and inspired with you are maligned. Take strength from the knowledge that your message is clear and you are not being misunderstood.
If you were vague, you would blend into the background noise.
Let the criticism inspire you to even greater thing,.
N for Negate No
Say "Yes!"  to all the "No-Sayers."
Shout it!
You are living fully and unambiguously  in a dull, grey world of negativity!
Keep up the good work.
Live fully