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Celebrate National Handwriting Day

John hancock

Happy National Handwriting Day!

The twenty-third of January is John Hancock’s birthday.

John Hancock is best known as having the first and most prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence, and signatures are often referred to as a “John Hancock” as a result.

Hancock was president of the Continental Congress and his signature served to validate the final version of the document in 1776.

So, take a moment today, walk away from your computer or handheld device, pick up a pen and paper, and write something, by hand.





In Commemoration

This was originally written by hand.

But it is unreadable that way.



With pen in hand,

With lined paper,

With decades of bad habits

And a hybrid style

That defies style,

I celebrate.

What is virtually lost:


Is it print that I do?

Is it cursive?

Is it readable?

Is it relatable?

Is it, and can it be, anything?

Anything, anything at all.

Thomas B. Sims