I Have Met God in the Temple of the Arts
God's Flowers - Three from Psalm 103

An Epiphany Blessing


May your night sky be filled with stars.
May your north star always lead to Bethlehem,
The House of Bread, and there,
May you find the Bread of life
To satisfy and nourish your soul.
May your hope lead you forward.
May your seeking be rewarded.
May your heart be set ablaze with wonder.
May your mind be settled with peace.
May your spirit be be enlived with glory.
May your eyes be open to truth.
God grant you guidance from above
And surround you with protection.
And when you need a mid-course correction,
May the way be clear and
May you follow with confience and faith.
Be blessed.
Bring your gifts to the House of Bread.
Behold the child and hear him giggle with glee.
You have found that for which you sought.
You have come.
You are wise indeed.

- Tom Sims