An Invitation to War
Blessed Are the People - Advent Day 12

Show me your pain and I will show you your passion.


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash
Show me your pain and I will show you your passion.
It is the same and it is transforming,
first, by transforming itself ...
into joy!
Without the pain,
there is no passion,
Without the passion,
there is no joy.
Without the joy 
Without the JOY!?!?
You must be kidding me!
Without the joy, I'll go back to bed.
But with joy, I'm going out there to passionately,
make a difference
And let me never forget,
Oh One Who came to suffer and to serve,
that it was through pain that You
brought us life and through Your suffering that we,
were set free and sent forth
to serve.
We live in a world of pain and concentrated suffering. Where is your pain focused? You have your own and that is a given. Have you found that place where you have absorbed and borne the pain of some part of the world or some people or some cause? Have you found that place in your heart where you can suffer with (COM-passion) others and feels their pain as much or more than your own?
That is where your passion will be an that is where you will be energized by God to serve and to change the world through business, ministry, or life.
Whatever the venue, the source is within you ... where you hurt most is where you will find your greatest joy.
Explore these things.
They are not for the faint-at-heart who desire to remain afloat in a sea of complacency and pseudo comfort,
but they are for you ...
I know this because ...
You are still reading this while others have dropped off
and because ...
You want to make a difference and because ...
You do know where you hurt and have moved beyond your personal pain to embrace the pain of others ... and ...
It makes you sick to your stomach to think of things going on as they are and you want to heal the broken people you see and you, you, you want to make a difference and this passion is not something you sought or something you made up.
It has come to you as a gift and a call.
Think and pray!
God bless you.
In 1644, René Descartes theorized that pain was a disturbance that passed along nerve fibers until the disturbance reached the brain.
But that was not the whole story.