When Babylon Falls
I Am Found

Welcome Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow repits

Tomorrow and today are fresh new days.

Everything is new.

Opportunities are going to come our way that we have not yet imagined.

Hope will be reinforced.

Life will be enhanced.

Blessings will be spoken. Admonitions will be given and received with grace and mercy culminating in reconciled relationships with God and man. Grace will flow from our lives and be received with humility and gratitude.

Love will saturate all our words and deeds, molding our motives, fashioning our responses, filtering our perceptions.

Everything about today is released from the power of yesterday and any destructive influence of the past.

We are free. We have been set free. Our pain will be turned to gain as we embrace that pain as a teacher.

The God of all comfort shall comfort our souls. The wonder of new life will inspire us.

We shall meet our challenges with courage and our criticisms with a desire to learn, but assurance of who we are in Christ and a knowledge that whatever our failings and flaws, we are beloved.

We shall walk in the light of purpose and the confidence of a guiding hand upon our shoulders.

We shall quickly confess our sins and gratefully accept the forgiveness that is freely given.

We shall seek justice for the oppressed and extend the hand of mercy and healing to the broken, the hurting, and the lonely .

We shall live as people of God this new day and celebrate the joy of the Lord.


And may it be so, amen and amen, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Spirit and through the outreached hand of our Abba, our Father. Amen.