One Moment of Clarity
Trust in the LORD

We Are All Time Travelers

Time machine 2
The ultimate science fiction is time travel in my view. It stretches the mind, twists it around, turns it inside out, and harvests the imagination,
Time is a relative construct and, in some arenas beyond our own, irrelevant.
On occasion , I have been a time traveler, moving between zones, chasing the sun or just ahead of the sun setting.
Time is different in space or in orbit around other bodies or gasses. If time is so changeable in space, what of time in eternity?
Solomon declarers in the Ecclesiastes that God has made everything beautiful in its OWN TIME and, furthermore and henceforth, set eternity in our hearts.
Walk around with that today and see what insights come.
This all started when I came to the computer during some travels about ten years ago. I looked to see if anyone had received my emails and there were still no responses.  I wondered why. and then realized that no one is at work yet. I was in a different zone.
I was three hours off from my normal time.
Once in a different country, I received a call at 3;00 AM. Fortunately, I was up, sitting on a balcony, overlooking the Sea of Galilee.  My caller was in California, obvious to our gap in perspectives.
If such mundane thoughts as time zones between calls and emails (what I call, "mundanities") can occupy the vacated mind (thus "vacation"), imagine what possibilities might emerge as you ponder the earth and the eternal in a dance reminiscent of the "Virginia Reel."
Middle English mondeyne, from Anglo-French mundain, from Late Latin mundanus, from Latin mundus world, First Known Use: 15th century (Marriam Webster).
Earth and Heaven as partners in the eternal/earthy reel, meeting and parting and bowing and bending and swinging and dancing and maintaining their perspectives and acknowledging the meeting, but never quite melding - that is the sign on the intersection.
They will never be the same and yet, eternity enters our hearts and that is the foundation of the incarnational message - God can be in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.
Christ can be in us, the hope of glory - past that is transformed in meaning, the present that is infused with wonder, the future that is settled in security and hope.
Do your own work - It is in II Corinthians and Colossians. It is pretty deep and pretty simple and pretty impressive.
We are all time travelers, dancing through time and eternity, bowing, bending, and skipping. We hear the music which is often distant. We sense the rhythm and we move with as much grace as we can muster.
We are not expected to understand, but to dance.
We are called to awareness, curiosity, and amazement as well as participation.
Start with something simple: You are traveling through time as you move forward on the clock and calendar. That much is within your grasp right now. The rest will emerge.
Then, there is always, today.
Today is now.

Now it is today.

Tomorrow is not yet, but when it is, will be today.

Then today will be yesterday.

And we will start over.

So, if you are going to do anything at all, do it today.

For each today will pass away until they are all used up.

What is not done today will never get done.