Trust in the LORD
A Kingdom of Non-Conformists

Spelling Out the Passion that Drives You

Passion - drive

Have you ever heard someone say, "You seem very passionate about that?"

How about compassion? Has anyone ever commented on your CQ? Your Compassion Quotient?

Did you know that they are related?

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. -Lamentations 3:22

Compassion from the Divine, for instance, prevents our destruction. When you live your life with passion and compassion, you help solve problems that can be very destructive to people, institutions, and society.

Compassion combines the concept of deep feeling with the idea of sharing (com=with). God feels with us, deeply and profoundly. That means that He shares our passion, pain, and emotion.

Passion if the at the root of our energy for ministry. It is that God-given quality that enthuses us with clarity of vision and depth of conviction. It moves us when we see the suffering of other people. It drives us when we understand what is to be done about it. Without passion, we whither. With a vibrant passion we can overcome obstacles and rise above our moods. Passion reminds us of our essential purpose and drives us forward. Some characteristics of passionate people are:

P—Positive Priorities

Instead of avoidance behavior, people with passion move toward their commitments aligning themselves with those activities that support the causes for which they are passionate.

A—Active Attitude Adjustments –

Passionate people are constantly adjusting their own attitudes and actively tuning their minds in the direction of their goals and objectives.


There is no faking real passion. It bubbles up from within and is nurtured by our committed actions.

S – Simplicity—

Passionate people can explain their mission to you in a few short sentences. Since it is clear to them, they can make it clear for you.


People with true God-given passion for ministry know the reality of God breathing His purpose through His Spirit into their lives. The calling is His and they are driven by that knowledge.

O—Open “Outwardness”—

Not necessarily extroverts, passionate people love to talk about their mission and cause. It splashed out of their lives and is contagious.


People with passion are not easily deterred from a mission. It becomes one of the non-negotiable values of their lives.