"Don't Tell Me What You Can't Do."
I Meme What I Say

Us or You

Say - focusChoose Your Words for Goodwill 

and for results!


I wanted only to deposit one check and cash another. It took an inordinately long time at the teller window. When the supervisor helped the teller do an override, she asked me “And how are you today?” - Easier for Whom? | Sanborn and Associates - Customer Service/Golden Rule

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Sanborn tells the rest of the story and recounts how he did not have an ATM card with him for identification.

He received this response:

“Well,” the supervisor responded, 'if you had your debit card it would make it a little easier for us…'”

Those words tell all.

"For us."

Just who is "US?"

If I am waiting on you, the customer and us is me then I am already starting the process of decline in business. The moment my service becomes about my convenience, profit, well being, peace of mind, or anything about me, I have lost my purpose for being in business and I will eventually lose my business.

But this seems to be a trend. Us-based decisions seem to be trumping all manner of you-based concerns.

Contrast it:


  • U - Un-everything: unsuccessful, uncreative, uncooperative, unmotivated, uninspired ... un ... un ... un ... and eventually undone.
  • - Stalled by selfishness and stuck on stupid (I told my friend Kenny Higgs I'd give him credit when I used that term).


  • - Yes! Yes! Yes! Whenever possible, YES! We make it work for the customer because that is why we exist.
  • - Opportunity - Your problem is our opportunity to serve you and to grow in our service. If we can become more valuable to you, we become more valuable to all.
  • U - UP - We lift people up and they lift us up. The Golden Rule teaches individuals and others to treat our neighbors well and the great Servant taught us that the way up in down.

I have been writing about the call to renew civility in our society and I think we can start anywhere as long as we include commerce and business.

What if we take a YOU approach?