The Great Reversal
Nothing Else Matters

Shine on My Steps


Setting sun
Shine, rising sun upon these steps I take.

It is a dark world this morning, but it is morning.

Early, comes morning and only hopeful people venture forth.

The world is dark.

Is it?

Then why is it that I see the road before me and little obstacles in my path?

Why is it that I can see if everything is dark?

It must be something else because it is not totally dark.

It is in the balance and I can see.

Can you see?

Brahms walks with me as I walk, awakening the dawn.

He speaks to me through my ear plugs and God speaks through him and ...

Bounce, step, bounce, I am on my way and the music and the bounce and ...

The slight light of dawning informs my steps and I hope

And hope rises and the sun rises, summoned by Composer and Conductor.

The music of the universe awakens the morning and the sun rises and

All is well.

Look not at the darkness; walk in the light you have and keep walking

As the sun rises.