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"Don't Tell Me What You Can't Do."

Eunice and loretta

Two Women You Should Know!

"Show me what you can do."


Credit...Special Olympics

Photo Credit= Special Olympics

Special Olympian, Loretta Clairborne Pays Tribute to Eunice Shriver


Eunice Shriver was a great woman, but she also helped other people achieve greatness.

That is a big part of what made her great. Lifting others is what true greatness is about.

Our greatness is to be found in the deposits we make in the lives of others.

Loretta Claiborne was one of those people lifted and encouraged through the life of Eunice Shriver and she, in turn, is lifting and encouraging others today.

Let this speech lift you.
In Mrs. Shriver's words, "You have earned it."


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I was looking for something else and am so grateful to have found this.

The speech introduced me to Loretta Claiborne, one of the most amazing people about whom I have ever heard. I had to know more because she said she was "mentally retarded."

She could have fooled me.

Yet, she is articulate and inspiring and her achievements have been outstanding..

Her story is remarkable and uplifting.