Is It True?
After the Fire.

When You Have One Job


Play Your Position

Never underestimate the importance of your current assignment.
How do you lead from the bottom?

Leadership is not limited by position,

In fact, real, genuine, effective leadership is never just positional. The qualities of a leader do not come with the salary package, title, and job offer in an organization. They come from within and are usually exercised, first, in positions and assignments that are not recognized as impressive.

Those are not sought-after jobs.

People holding those positions are not awarded credit for their successes. They may not get the bonuses, raises, or write-ups in the company newsletter.

They do, however, stick out like sore thumbs when they are not alert, aware, ready, and efficient in those rare moments when their opportunities to shine come,.

You have heard it said:

You had one job!

If that is the case, do your one job.

Do it with excellence. Do it with diligence. Do it with enthusiasm. Do it with love.

Do your job and always be ready to do your job. Do not underestimate its importance. No one knows when the batter is going to hit the ball to right field. When the ball comes there, someone needs to be prepared to catch it or lose first base, maybe second, third, or home plate.

Over 90% of your job may be waiting for something to happen, but, if it is, that is your job.

Waiting is hard work. It takes training. It takes concentration. It takes an attitude of teamwork and cooperative values. it takes humility. It takes leadership over one's assigned territory.

You may be the only person who thinks about the value of your job. If you are the only one, be that one!

Do not devalue or abandon your post.

Prove yourself, first to yourself, and, eventually, to the people who learn that they can count on you. You are patiently waiting for your big opportunity and paying attention to everything going on.

Study the big picture as you wait. observe other people's assignments. Learn. Grow in character. Refine your attitude. Carry yourself like a winner, Avail yourself of educational opportunities. Attach yourself to mentors.

Be trustworthy.

Be on time.

Be eager.

Cheer for the whole team.

Be a role model.

Be the person who is positive even when your tasks are lowly. Be friendly. Be the one that other people want to have on their team.

Never underestimate the importance of your current assignment.

It would not exist if it were not necessary or important.

We will see you at the top one of these days.