Living in the Gap

What Do You Preach On?


A Roadside Sermon by John Pettie

People ask if I preach ON sin, judgment, heaven, hell, this, or that.


What do you preach on?

I don't preach ON anything.

What do you do then?

I preach FROM something and TO something and TO someones.

FROM the scriptures and TO people, the times, people living in the times, issues, and answers.

Preaching ON is grabbing topics out of the air. It is the wrong starting place. The Bible addresses all of the issues directly or indirectly.

If we take it seriously and let it penetrate our hearts, it will expose our racism, our self-centered ways, our idolatry for wicked oppressing systems, and everything else we so easily avoid by preaching ON them, ABOUT them, or AROUND them.

It brings eternal truth to bear upon temporal circumstances and choices.

We do not avoid the issues; we just start with what God says to them.

And the Holy Spirit can bring deep conviction and conversion ... and sometimes uses us to tighten the screws.